1. Product audit, inspection or checking
Visiting the manufacturing plant to check any production process & pre-shipping audit.
Usually a check list is supplied by the client as guide to follow. If there is no such documentation, this can be created.
A report or an approvel document will be generated. The report will contain recommendations for continual improvement and if any remedial action is required.
(e.g. sorting, repair or rework.)
All reports, checking are backed up by images & video.
2. Quality system
Examine/watch the existing quality system/production process, IQC/FQC & inline quality checking and make suggestions for improvement.


3. Factory audit  - Visiting a new factories for suitability of manufacturing

-  Verify quality system
-  Note the type of production machinery is being used
-  Note the type of assembly fixtures are being used
-  Product & component quality
-  Production process
-  Packaging
-  Lab testing & other third party testing and verification
-  Inspection system & online production checking
-  Document & filing system
-  Health & safety
A report backed up by images/video